The core invitation of mindfulness is for you to befriend yourself. That means recognizing and inhabiting your own intrinsic wholeness and beauty in the only moment any of us ever has—namely this one.

This website is meant to facilitate engaging with your life and your moments in this way, through the ongoing cultivation of mindfulness. It offers an array of resources for deepening your interest and engagement if you are so inclined.

Mindfulness involves being much more than it involves doing anything. Still, some degree of effort and discipline are involved. In the end, it is a love affair, the invitation to live your life as if it really matters in each timeless moment — and it does, more than you might think, and more than any of us can think — because thinking itself is not all that it is cracked up to be, not our only form of intelligence.

I hope this website can (1) support your own ongoing daily formal and informal mindfulness practice, making use of the guided meditations, books, and other supports available here. In that way, you are taking significant steps to connect in deeper and deeper ways with yourself, and your own beauty and capacity for learning, growing, healing, and transformation across the lifespan.

And (2), to enable you to search for and connect with others throughout the world who are contributing in various ways, personally, professionally, and in terms of activist engagement to this global flourishing of wisdom and sanity.

The JKZ Meditations App, with over 36 different guided meditations of varying lengths and focus, now provides the most comprehensive glide path into the way I teach, and into this way of being.

Mindfulness is an intrinsically ethical stance. At this moment in time, nothing could be more important to actualize for the health of humanity and the planet as a whole. The seemingly small is hardly insignificant — it is huge.

There are an infinite number of ways to practice mindfulness skillfully, and many different teachers and teachings to learn from. All are ultimately different doors into the very same room — the room of open-hearted human awareness. That awareness is a form of intelligence — an unrecognized superpower really. It is always here, always available to tap into, maybe even to take up residency in for extended stretches of time. Then life itself becomes the real meditation practice.

Finding the doorway that is right for you is part of the ongoing adventure of living mindfully. As you will see from the Indra’s Net section, there are many different doors into the room of mindfulness, which being about awareness itself, is essentially boundless. I hope you find the doorways offered here to be beneficial and congenial.


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The core invitation of mindfulness is for you to befriend yourself. That means recognizing and inhabiting your own intrinsic wholeness and beauty in the only moment any of us ever has—namely this one.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Just this moment, just this breath, just this sitting here, just this being human. Just this. Just this.”

― Jon Kabat-Zinn


APRIL 2024

An interview with Rick Rubin on his Tetragrammaton podcast.

Rick Rubin and Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss mindfulness, creativity, technology, humanity, and more, in celebration the 30th anniversary edition of Jon’s book, Wherever You Go, There You Are.  
Listen to their conversation here.

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The JKZ Meditations App is a subscription service that makes all of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Series 1, 2, and 3 guided mindfulness meditation practices available on your mobile device. It also consolidates in one convenient place many of his other guided meditations, along with supportive text from his books, and video from lectures. The subscription also makes available periodic live practice sessions and Q&A with Jon, all stored and accessed at any time through the app. It’s a way to keep access to mindfulness in your pocket, backpack or purse, available wherever you go. Nevertheless, when it comes right down to it, the real app is in your heart, and it is profoundly trustworthy.


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