This section of the website provides descriptions of and links to a range of potential resources in support of your ongoing mindfulness meditation practice.

These include descriptions of Jon’s books; videos of his public talks; a 45-minute segment of the PBS Special, Healing and the Mind, with Bill Moyers (1993) in which Moyers spends eight weeks participating in and filming an MBSR class taught by Jon; links to the 66 sessions of the 2020 Mitigation Retreat; a video—The World of Relaxation—for people lying in bed in the hospital (or at home); the trailer for Jon’s MasterClass, Mindfulness and Meditation and more.


To complement whatever offerings you chose to investigate, now or in the future, here are two very basic one-page guides you can print out that can support your starting and/or deepening your own formal mindfulness meditation practice—originally developed for These can be used as reminders in support of practicing with the various guided meditations, or on your own.

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