“I love this app. I love the mindfulness reminders that I can set throughout the day. You also get exclusive live videos and recordings.
― liz trini

The jkz meditations app

The JKZ Meditations App is a platform that makes Series 1, 2, and 3, as well as a number of other guided meditations available on your iPhone or Android device.

It is a subscription service that consolidates Jon’s guided meditations with text from his books (Mindfulness for Beginners and Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Relief—coming in 2023) as well as video from lectures and other programs in one convenient place. Also included are periodic live online practice sessions and Q&A with Jon, all stored and accessible at any time through the app. The app is thus the perfect way to keep access to user-friendly guidance in the practice of mindfulness in your pocket or purse, available wherever you go.

Of course, the bigger challenge is to download it into your heart. That is the core rationale for these various offerings. They are meant to be “ports of entry” into your true nature. The missing ingredient is always the same: practice, practice, practice. While each individual guided meditation is always the same every time you hear it, you are never the same. So each time you engage in a guided meditation practice, you may be hearing things that you never heard before, or hearing and understanding them differently. That is how we learn, and by learning, grow, and by growing, heal, and by healing, transform—in the sense of recognizing and realizing your original beauty and reclaiming your original wholeness. This is the power of disciplined and intentional repetition. It is a fundamental transformative element of the MBSR curriculum.

Note: If you have any problem affording a subscription, contact the app team. Our intention is to make access freely available regardless of ability to pay.

The guided meditations in the app and in other forms are calibrated to accommodate the clock time you can devote to them. They range from five, ten, twenty, and thirty minutes in length to forty-five minutes (for the Series 1/Coping with Stress MBSR curriculum).

Downloading the app from the App Store (by clicking the buttons on this page) or from mindfulnessapps.com is easy. Making use of it wisely and in a disciplined way on a regular — hopefully daily — basis requires a major lifestyle change of the same order of magnitude as signing up for an MBSR 8-week program. Taking on or revitalizing a formal mindfulness meditation practice as a regular part of your life is challenging and requires some degree of intentionality and discipline. Experience suggests it can be profoundly healing, meaning-giving, and transformative. But the only way to test whether that might be the case for you is to give it a try on a daily basis for an adequate stretch of time to see what might be possible.

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